DBB — Tour de Tour
Get to & stay at Tour de Kop

22–26 August 2024
Belgrade → TDK → Belgrade
340 € (refund till 17 June)
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Tour de Kop
Tour de Kop / Tour de Fun — is the biggest Serbian cycling event in Kopaonik mountains. Learn more and register on their website.
Tour de Tour
Kopaonik is 300 km & 4300 m elevation gain far from Belgrade. But we’ve got you covered: just jump in our party bus with a bike trailer.
Also stay with us in comfortable three-bed apartments right next to the Tour de Kop base location. Four nights are included in the price.
Tour de Kop lasts 3 days, and we have extra 2 — to get in and then back without any rush. Of course, the plan is to have fun all the way.
No fatigue from driving or the usual hassle with renting a car — instead enjoy a nice company, ease of mind, and some beers :)
Have any questions? Make sure to have read the fine print by pressing the button below — and ping me in Viber group, Telegram, WhatsApp or a@dbb.rs

Alex Bar
Tour organiser