DBB × Upside Down =
road tour + gravel camp

15 to 20 August 2024
Belgrade → Golija mountain → Belgrade
110–320 €
Details + Booking
Gravel Camp
Our friends from Upside Down are making their second gravel camp. The first was terrific!
People from Germany, Italy, UK, US, China & Russia — having a good time together in Serbia (speaking English):
This year it’s a BYOT party — bring your own tent. That doesn’t mean no comfort: there’ll be stationary facilities at the campsite. Details are on the camp page. But there’s more:
Road Tour
In the camp, there’re 2 riding days & 2 outdoor nights. But — you can add 4 more days and/or regular accommodation by bike-touring with us from Belgrade to the camp and back.
  • Tour ≠ bikepacking
    Just put your bag to the support car and enjoy the ride — no need to load the bike. There are short and long courses — and you can switch between them every day, depending on how you feel in the morning. We’ll have overnights (in beds & with shower) on our way there and back. Plus, an extra night at the Upside Down camp.
  • Short course (train + bike)
    Day 1: 80 km ↑ 1200 m
    Day 2: 85 km ↑ 2150 m
    Days 3 & 4: gravel camp short
    (30–50 km ↑ 800 m per day)
    Day 5: 80 km ↑ 550 m
    Day 6: 70 km ↑ 750 m
  • Long course (bike only)
    Day 1: 145 km ↑ 900 m
    Day 2: 85 km ↑ 2150 m
    Days 3 & 4: gravel camp long
    (80–100 km ↑ up to 2000 m)
    Day 5: 80 km ↑ 550 m
    Day 6: 150 km ↑ 1050 m
  • Outdoor camping is optional
    If you don’t have a tent — no problem. There is an option to stay in a guest house just near the camp. Choose the respective option when booking the tour so that we could allocate one of the limited beds for you — in either men’s of women’s separate space (with bathrooms and basic kitchens).
Questions answered:
We are Russians who’ve chosen to live in Serbia. We have founded the DBB cycling club in Belgrade, which now counts hundreds of members from several countries, including Serbia & Ukraine. Everyone here speaks English and Velominati.
DBB members have various fitness and dedication levels: from 300+ watts FTP to not even knowing their power and taking it easy. At the tour we will roughly aim for average power of 150 watts or 2 watts/kg, which translates to around 25 km/h average.
To feel equally good on road & gravel, choose a drop bar bike with fast 35−45 mm tyres — that’s key! We recommend Tufo Speedero or Thundero. Alternatives: Schwalbe G-One RS; Panaracer GravelKing TLC; Continental Terra Speed; Challenge Strada Bianca Pro.
Source: https://www.bikepartners.net/servicepack-bike-into-box-or-travel-case.html
Apart from the tour & camp fees, you will need some money for food. We recommend getting a medical insurance covering cycling sports, and having some emergency money. If anything breaks, we’ll do our best to help — within our capabilities.
More questions? Make sure to have read the fine print by pressing the button below — and ping me in Viber group, Telegram, WhatsApp or a@dbb.rs

Alex Bar
Tour organiser