Drop Bar Basecamp — a road cycling camp with optional gravel.

Tivat, Montenegro, midsummer 2023.

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  • 9 days of riding and having a good time
    The basecamp is a comfortable space where we start and end our rides; enjoy good food, craft beers and specialty coffee; go swimming, watch films, and socialise around the cycling life and whatnot
  • Up to 900 km of crafted cycling routes
    We have two daily routes: a short one (avg 40 km / 500 m gain) or a long one (avg 80 km / 1,000 m). There is also one Epic route and a rest day. Of course, you can skip any day and chill or explore around
The nature and riding around the camp reminds me of the Côte d’Azur in France or the Costa Brava in Spain — top cycling regions. The mountains grow right from the water and there are both stunning views and historic sites along the roads.

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  • Twin, double or single accommodation
    The default option is to share a room with two separate beds with a fellow cyclist. Sure, you can have the full room by booking two slots — to share a double bed or have it all for yourself
  • Bring your own food, share with others
    The camp is a community experience. Somebody likes cooking for others, someone brings the food in or orders delivery. In any case, we’re going to eat together and split the expenses
The tarmac is good and the gradients are mild; the traffic is okay and the drivers are calm. We will swim in the sea and enjoy the rich local food. I believe that the region is underrated by the cyclists of the world. Well, only better for us :)

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  • 90% road + 10% gravel = 100% goodness
    All the routes are pre-scouted and are well ridden on a road bike with rim brakes. There will be courses more suitable for gravel bikes — always with an option to ride on tarmac instead
  • 880 € buys you a really nice place to be in
    We will be not far from Tivat airport, but it seems that some partakers are going to come on their bikes. However you get there, the camp space is cozy and the company is going to be great
We will ride up the mountain that’s given Montenegro its name, and will see something special there. We will do a flat course around the picturesque double bay. We will visit the fortress of Kotor and the luxury Porto Montenegro. Join in

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Questions answered:
We are Russians who now live in Serbia for obvious reasons. We have founded the DBB cycling club in Belgrade, which now counts dozens of members from several countries, including Ukraine, Montenegro & Serbia. Everyone here speaks English and Velominati.

For all of us, cycling is a hobby, not the means to make a living. We organise the camp out of the desire to ride together with cool people in the place we like. Thus, you can expect that we will aim for creating the best experience for you — and ourselves.
You can at least expect a level of comfort comparable with hotels that cost around 100 € per night. The core club members are accomplished travelers, and if you dig our overall aesthetics here, you should not be disappointed by the place that we prepare for us all.

If you’ve ever been to Hedonism Cycling or Upside Down camps, you have the idea of what to expect. If not, take a look at this video showing one of our mentioned friends' camps — that we love and strive to provide no lesser experience.
DBB members have various fitness and dedication levels: from 300+ watts ftp to not even knowing their power and taking it easy. At the camp we will roughly aim for average power of 150 watts or 2 watts/kg, which translates to around 25 km/h average.

That said, our goal is to both give the strong riders go for it, and the party-pacers not to be dropped. So, don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your comfortable pace. Just take a look at the montage of our Belgrade rides to feel the vibe.
There are two main airports in Montenegro: Tivat and Podgorica. Getting to the camp by car will take roughly the same from either — around an hour long drive. We have good history with GetTransfer app for booking the rides.

There is practically no way to rent a bike onsite. If you have any reason not to bring your own — in a case or in a freebie cardboard box — get in touch and we will think of the options for getting you a bike. For your own, we suggest bringing a spare derailleur hanger.
Source: https://www.bikepartners.net/servicepack-bike-into-box-or-travel-case.html
Apart from the camp fee and transportation, you will need some money for food. We use Splitwise app that allows for splitting joint expenses precisely — you will be able to control where you share the costs and the app will make the count really simple.

We recommend getting a medical insurance covering cycling sports. Also, although most of you will not need a visa for visiting Montenegro for the camp duration, please check the details pertaining to the passport your will travel with.
Source: https://www.bikepartners.net/servicepack-bike-into-box-or-travel-case.html
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